Remember this young lady?


There was an unplanned Cosby Show reunion that took place at Bill Cosby's retrial that was anything but happy. As Cosby, who is legally blind, was escorted to the courthouse for the start of his sex assault retrial, a topless woman with words painted on her chest ran in front of Cosby, who is now legally blind, as he walked to the courthouse for the start of his sex assault retrial yelling,

“HEY HEY HEY! Women’s lives matter!”


Police tackled the protester to the ground almost immediately after she jumped over a barricade to dart past Cosby in front of the courtroom in Norristown, PA.

Here's where the episode becomes a bit ironic. (No Pun intended) The topless demonstrator, 39-year-old Nicolle Rochelle, happens to be an actress who appeared on five episodes of The Cosby Show as a friend to Rudy in the '90s.

Rochelle is a protestor from the European anti-patriarchy group Femen, and international feminist group. Rochelle had "Cosby Rapis[t]," "Women's Lives Matter," and "Femen" scrawled on her body in red paint. Rochelle told news sources that she was not arrested but let go with a warning and advised not to return anywhere near the courtroom.

Rochelle was one of several protesters outside the courtroom for Cosby's retrial for allegedly dragging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. Cosby, however, didn't seem to be to bothered by any of the mayhem lining his pathway to the courtroom as walked past with a slight smile.

Check out the mayhem below.





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