The family of a 25-year-old South Carolina woman, Brittany Oswell, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against American Airlines. Brittany and Cory Oswell, a happy newlywed couple, we’re flying into DFW from their Hawaiian honeymoon in 2016. While on the flight Brittany became dizzy and fainted. Fortunately, a doctor on board was able to provide her some medical attention and she regained consciousness for several hours later. However, while in the plane lavatory, she collapsed and was found having vomited and defecated on herself. It was then the physician who had initially helped the new bride told the crew members that they needed to divert to the nearest air port so Brittany could get medical care. Unfortunately, the request went ignored, and the flight crew stayed trip

By this time the flight was near Albuquerque, New Mexico and had about an hour and a half before landing in Dallas.

The doctor and flight attendants tried to treat Brittany. She was taken to a hospital immediately upon landing in Dallas, but died three days later.

Brittany's family is suing the airline for wrongful death. Bradd Crenshaw, the attorney of Brittany‘s husband Cory and her parents to see any in the family‘s main objective is not winning a financial settlement.

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