It hasn’t been terribly long since FOX said goodbye to American Idol, what with the whole “reality competition” craze having appreciably cooled since the early 2000s regardless. Still, leave it to NBC to potentially drag Ryan Seacrest back to the stage for a revival season, throwing The Voice into question in the process.

Variety is reporting that American Idol producer Fremantle is pitching NBC on a potential revival, one which might take the place of one of The Voice’s two yearly cycles. The talks are reported as “ongoing, and no deal is yet in place.”

First debuting in 2002, American Idol served as progenitor to America’s love-affair with the reality singing competition, despite falling off in popularity over the past few years. American Idol even remained TV’s highest-rated show for most of a decade, but not-unironically would later take second position to The Voice.

The Voice too may be in its twilight years, but could NBC be onto something, to make a home for both series? How should an American Idol return do things any differently?

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