The Voice

El Dorado's LB Crew Makes It To the Next Round Of The Voice
Arkansas native, LB Crew (LeBryant Crew), wowed judges last night and made it to the next round of NBC's "The Voice".
LB Crew, a 29-year-old singer from El Dorado who now lives in Little Rock, performed "Waves" by Mr. Probz last night and just seconds after singing his first note,…
Little Rock Singer Rocks 'The Voice' Audition
When Little Rock's Levelle Davison started singing on NBC "The Voice" Tuesday night, the show's two original judges turned their chairs around in seconds.
Davison stepped onto "The Voice" stage and rocked his rendition of "To Love Somebody&a…
'American Idol' Revival Now Bidding Between FOX and NBC
It wasn’t terribly surprising that FOX would say goodbye to American Idol after so many years, but word that NBC might look to revive it alongside The Voice came more unexpectedly. Now, FOX is reportedly bidding for the rights to bring American Idol back on its own, almost exactly as we remem…

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