Arkansas native, LB Crew (LeBryant Crew), wowed judges last night and made it to the next round of NBC's "The Voice".

LB Crew, a 29-year-old singer from El Dorado who now lives in Little Rock, performed "Waves" by Mr. Probz last night and just seconds after singing his first note, Kelly Clarkson turned her chair around and it was followed by the chairs of the other three judges. (Cont'd below ad)

Adam Levine was the last judge to turn his chair around, and ironically he was the team LB Crew chose to join. In his critique, Levine praised LB Crew's voice, but said he needed to work on his falsetto, and that he was the perfect coach to help being that that's one of his strengths as a singer.

BIO: LB grew up singing gospel music in church with his family. He found his love for the spotlight after singing at a pep rally during his freshman year of high school. LeBryant is no stranger to Texarkana, as he's been a recurring act and host at the Soul Sessions hosted by Arnold Boy Entertainment.  LB moved to Little Rock in 2014, hoping to attract a larger audience for his two bands. Unfortunately, he couldn't make ends meet by performing, so he recently started working on the assembly line for a tractor company. LB is hoping "The Voice" will give him the opportunity to concentrate on music full-time. LB also enjoys producing music, photography and writing screenplays.



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