Big congratulations to singer turned actress, Andra Day on becoming only the second Black woman to win a Golden Globe... A much deserved award for her dynamic role as the legendary singer Billie Holiday in the movie, The United States vs Billie Holiday. Day burst into tears when it was announced that she won. She was surrounded by family and friends, and in her acceptance speech, she paid homage to 'giants' like Viola Davis who was also nominated in the same category.

I watched the movie this weekend, and was amazed at the job Day did portraying the turbulent life of Ms. Billie Holiday, especially with this being her first big acting role. She is only the second Black actress to win the award, according to the L.A. Times, with Whoopi Goldberg for “The Color Purple'' in 1987 being the first.

Day told the Hollywood Reporter....

“It took me forever to get improper,” I did start smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and being more sexual.”

If you have not seen the move, put it on your must-see movie list. The movie was produced by Lee Daniels, who never disappoints. It entails Holiday's abusive relationships with men, heroin addiction, harassment by the F.B.I. and blackballed by her own community during her career. However, it does not portray her as a victim, but rather shined light on her strength and tenacity as a singer who refused to be silenced. Thankfully her story made it to film. It was very enlightening. The movie can be seen on Hulu with a subscription.

Check out the trailer below.



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