When there is an emergency situation in our city it's good to know that we have a CodeRED alert notification app to keep us up to date. Wait? You didn't know about this?

Then maybe it is time you signed up.
Angela Waye
Angela Waye
I have it on my phone and thankfully it doesn't send a ton of "kinda emergencies" because this App will only send you information about a real community emergency.

Why Should I Sign Up For Texarkana's CodeRed Alerts?

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The CodeRED emergency community notifications and alerts come on your phone so you will know instantly and be prepared.

What Types of Alert Notifications Would I Receive?

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You'll get notifications if there is really bad weather like a tornado warning, you might also get a notification if a prisoner has escaped the correctional facility downtown.

Other examples of notifications might include evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports

Really anything that our city leaders and emergency management might feel that the general public needs to know for safety reasons.

How Do I Register for the CodeRED Alerts?

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This service is free and if you live in Texarkana or work in the city then you really should go ahead and put it on your phone.

Registration is easy at https://tinyurl.com/TxkCodeRED or you can call (903) 798-3181 it only takes a couple of minutes. If you're already on the list for alerts, you can go to that same website to update your information too.

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