Arkansas falls low on lists for a lot of things. It is 49th in health care,  48 on crime and corrections, 41 on the economy, and 41 in education. But it is 28th on this list and it is actually a good thing.

Arkansas ranks 28th in the number of drunk drivers. Zutobi had a recent study that shows that Arkansas is actually doing well in this statistic. The good news overall is that DUI and fatalities are down since the 80s. In 1985 41 percent of all road fatalities were alcohol-related. In 2019 that number is down to just  28 percent.

Drinking and Driving
Danny Hooks

The study shows that older individuals are less likely to drive under the influence and seem to have a better idea of when they are impaired and should not drive.

Doug Menuez

Here is a list of the top 5 states with the drunkest driving.

1. North Dakota

2, Wyoming

3. Monatana

4. South Dakota

5. Texas

And the list of the 5 lowest states with drunk drivers

1. Utah

2. Deleware

3. New York

4. New Jersey

5. Vermont

The scores for the states were complied using the following data. The total DUI arrest per 100,00 drivers. The number of DUI fatalities per 100,000 drivers, and the percentage of DUI fatalities compared to the total road fatalities.

Man blowing into breathalyzer

I know this sounds a little morbid but it does show some good trends for most states in the United States. And Arkansas is doing very well compared to the 27 states above it in the ranking. To see the complete report you can go to

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