The mid-term elections in Arkansas are just over a month away and there is something on the ballot you need to know about.

There is a constitutional amendment on the November 8th ballot to legalize recreational marijuana. The amendment was put on the ballot by a group called Responsible Growth Arkansas. This is what Eddie Armstrong, chairman of Responsible Growth Arkansas said:

It will help improve our law enforcement by bringing forth funding for law enforcement officers to be hired in our local communities to fight rural crime. It will bring forth funding for cancer research accreditation that allows for people who need their most critical care needs in cancer to be treated here in the state.

The Family Council Action Committee held a news conference recently and had a few points to make about the amendment.  Jerry Cox, the Family Council Action Committee president, said that the tax rate Arkansas will collect is half of what the state of Colorado is collecting. He says that you shouldn't expect lots of additional money for police, hospitals, and drug courts.

Cox goes on to say that he believes there is no way that legalizing marijuana is going to make fewer people addicted to drugs and says that Arkansas does not need another drug problem.

Medicinal Marijuana has only been legal in Arkansas for three years, and to be honest have we seen a big uptick in criminal activity related to it? Will we see more police officers hired and responsible legal marijuana use in Arkansas? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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