Hey there Arkansas moms and dads and moms-to-be and dads-to-be, this is for sure an exciting time for you and the whole family. I'm sure names are being thrown at you left and right and picking the right name for your baby is most important. So let's get you some suggestions for not only the best names for babies in Arkansas but also maybe a few you might want to think twice about. 

As a soon-to-be grandfather, I personally share your interest in baby names as my daughter and her husband are working on coming up with just the right name for my new grandbaby coming in March of 2023.

Each year Names.org puts together a list of the most predicted baby names for the year for the whole country, they also break it down for each state. These names were the most predicted names to be used in the Great State of Arkansas.

Boy Baby Names in Texas 2022 - Canva
Boy Baby Names in Texas 2022 - Canva

Most Popular Arkansas Boys Names:

  1. Liam
  2. William
  3. Noah
  4. Elijah
  5. Oliver
  6. Asher
  7. Wyatt
  8. James
  9. Hudson
  10. Henry
Baby Nope - Canva
Baby Nope - Canva

Least Popular Arkansas Boys Names:

The website actually refers to these names as "Less Common Unique Names," we think that's a nice way of saying, just don't.

  1. Theodis
  2. Jewel
  3. Odis
  4. Hershel
  5. Olen
  6. Burl
  7. Cleo 
  8. Wilburn
  9. Odel
  10. Coy
Girl Baby Names in Texas 2022 - Canva
Girl Baby Names in Texas 2022 - Canva

Most Popular Arkansas Girls Names:

  1. Olivia
  2. Amilia
  3. Ava
  4. Emma
  5. Harper
  6. Evelyn
  7. Charlotte
  8. Sophia
  9. Isabella
  10. Willow
Baby No - Canva
Baby No - Canva

Least Popular Arkansas Girls Names:

  1. Floy
  2. Syble
  3. Freddie
  4. Delois
  5. Earnestine
  6. Dortha
  7. Dorthy
  8. Bennie
  9. Bettye
  10. Jimmie

If that's not enough for you, check out the Top 50 from the last five years for Arkansas from Names.org.

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