Now and then a new festival is launched that brings together the perfect blend of food, drink, crafts and music. The Avinger Wine Festival did just that!

Last Saturday evening, Jathan and I as well as a few friends, drove to Avinger for the wine fest. The drive was beautiful with the many colorful trees alongside the highway and the temperature was perfect for a festival outside because it wasn't too hot or cool.

Once we arrived at the festival, we were greeted by our hosts with an informative map and pamphlet about the historic home where the festival took place. We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere as well as the many booths displaying jewelry, gourmet olive oil and vinegars, food items such as jams and jellies, and artwork from local artists.

I especially loved the booth featuring the infused olive oils and vinegars. I know I will be preparing many delicious dishes using the bottles of Blood Orange Olive Oil and Black Currant Balsamic Vinegar. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I am glad the operators of the booth gave me several ideas of incorporating the oil and vinegar with different meats.

With purchases in hand, we walked to the wine garden, paid the entrance fee, received a bag to put our wine into and got our hands stamped. Our group tried all the types of wines from every booth. However, the favorite of the evening was “Chocolate Lac Rue,” which is a red wine with chocolate incorporated in the wine. Everyone in our group loved it!

As our evening wound down everyone hoped that Avinger has this festival again next year. And guess what? They are! If you are looking for an enjoyable yet relaxing afternoon or evening, remember the Avinger Wine Festival in 2014 and mark your calendar for September 2oth!

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