It's Girl Scout Cookie time! And there's just something special about Girl Scout Cookies. And there's something reeeally special about a good bottle of wine. As a wine lover and Shortbread Trefoils cookie monster, it only made sense that a marriage between the two would be a happy one. 

I can't pass up a Girl Scout Cookie table anymore than I can pass up a good wine aisle. There is something about enjoying the awesomely delicious sweetness of a Girl Scout Cookie and washing it down gently with a sip or two of Pinot Grigio. (Don't judge me)

I, personally, felt my discovery was too good not to share with my friends. So, check out the Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairing video below to get you started. You will thank me forever and love me for life especially if you are a club mom with a garage full of Girl Scout Cookies.

Watch the video below to discover the best Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairings.

Now, I know what you're thinking... She only buys supports and buys Girl Scout Cookies to accompany her wine drinking. Well, it's actually the opposite, but I do LOVE knowing that my support stays local and helps afford for young ladies to enjoy new experiences and experience extraordinary things. Support your local Girl Scouts Program.

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