In the social media age, memes have all the clout.

If the internet is undefeated, it owes many of its championship trophies to the countless repurposed photos, hilariously altered videos and inescapable catchphrases that circulate the World Wide Web faster than a Maury guest can run through back hallways after finding out he "is not the father." One second, something is a run-of-the-mill photo or moment caught on camera. Then, because the internet, in seconds, those same things can be turned into trending topics via a universally relatable caption or catchy quip.

Hip-hop loves a good meme. They’ve been the center of beef, sparked a myriad of viral moments and have been the general source of multitudes of rapper-related LOLs, LMAOs and WAABs over the years. Who can forget when Cardi B’s childhood photo memes nearly shut down the web, or how the memes generated from Drake’s “God’s Plan” video were almost as satisfying as the visual itself.

Memes have even helped some rappers gain media attention and advance their careers. Consider artists like Blueface, whose meme-worthy dance moves and catchphrases have kept his name popping in cyberspace. And remember that guy who claimed Interscope Records hired him to make memes to promote their artists? It's real in these internets.

As the craze has become a staple of social interaction on the information highway, there have been several unique accounts popping up that satisfy rap fans’ itch for the most entertaining memes. XXL compiles a list of some of the best below.

  • @ShittyAR

    So, you really want to be in the music industry? @ShittyAR is a 100 percent  accurate cynical look at the life of a hip-hop A&R, one depressing-yet-hilarious meme at a time.



  • @HipHopMemesDaily

    All memes, all the time. @HipHopMemesDaily provides a general smorgasbord of rap-related posts.

  • @MyloTheCat

    @MyloTheCat is the IG page you didn’t know you needed. The account posts hilarious mash-ups of Muppet and cartoon videos scored by and synced to popular hip-hop songs.

  • @KanyeDoingMemes

    Looking for the perfect Kanye West meme? @KanyeDoingMemes has you covered with more than 150 original memes featuring the complicated rap star.

  • @CharlesCornellStudio

    While not solely hip-hop, @CharlesCornellStudio uses viral tweets and videos, and flips them into “questionably performed songs” via piano. The results (especially the Cardi B adaptations) are magical.

  • @KCBible

    Formerly called Kendrick Cole Bible, @KCBible celebrates all things Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, while throwing other wordsmiths like Joey Bada$$ and MF Doom into the mix. Get your fandom on.

  • @RapMoviePosters

  • @Rappcculture

    Get your hot take fix via @Rappcculture's recurring Unpopular Opinion posts and be ready to sound off in the comments. Big debate energy.

  • @CardiBMemes

    Cardi B dishes out meme-worth material on the regular, and @CardiBMemes collects them for Bardi fans' viewing pleasure. Ooowww!

  • @ASAPGlxcky

    Need a daily fix? @ASAPGlxcky is another depository for some of the internet's best memes.

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