The City of Texarkana, Texas is warning citizens of recent coyote sightings, and the Animal Services Department is offering tips on how to handle an encounter with a coyote. YIKES...

TIP #1

Do NOT feed them

TIP #2

Put all trash in trash containers with lids

TIP #3

Do not let pets out unattended or at large.

TIP #4

Scare them off by yelling or throwing rocks or sticks at them. Then run for your life! (I added the last part)

Don't think for a minute these dog look alikes are your friends. Ummm... NO! Coyotes are not domestic animals. However, they can be more domestic if you feed them. So, don't do dinner unless you want frequent coyote company.

According to the Animal Services Department, coyotes are in breeding season and, as a result, become more aggressive during this time. There have. been several sightings in the Texarkana area so be careful and remember the tips above.

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