Can you believe the cajones on these guys! Broad daylight, busy gas station in Houston, Texas, the thieves approach the gas station pumps, no wait, not the pumps, they drove over the filling hole in the pavement and sucked the diesel right out of the ground. Wait till you find out how.

This sort of thing happens every time fuel prices lose their ever-loving minds, jerks like these see a way to make money the old-fashioned way, they steal something and sell it to someone else. In this case we're talking about diesel from a privately owned station and convenience store, about 350 gallons of diesel, during multiple trips to the well.

According to the report filed on, the station owner had noticed the fuel readings being off each day for several days, he then went back and checked his surveillance videos and found the culprit, a dark minivan would pull on top of the filling cover, using some kind of trap door in the bottom of the minivan open the tank, drop in a hose and start siphoning the magic automotive elixir.

At last report, the station owner has reported the incidents to Houston Police and the case is currently under investigation.

Gas station owners, managers, and operators beware, if you see someone parked on top of your underground tank covers, you might want to take a look underneath to see what may be happening right under your nose.

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