Boosie BadAzz has come up with an alternative method to ironing his clothes. One that we wouldn't suggest you try at home.

Last week, Boosie posted video on his Instagram account of himself ironing in a clip that went viral on Thursday (Sept. 8). But instead of using an ironing board, the Louisiana rapper is actually wearing the shirt he is ironing. Boosie swipes the steaming iron across his stomach and his arms. At one point, the heat becomes too much for him and he exclaims, "Shit," in pain.

Boosie BadAzz definitely moves to the beat of his own drum. Last month, he recorded himself performing for police officers while he was being detained during a traffic stop.

"They got me pulled over again so I'm finna perform a concert in front of the police," began the Louisiana rapper before rolling into his songs "Set It Off" and "Fuck the Police."

The incident was the second time in less than two months that Boosie had been pulled over. During the previous incident in July, Boosie also made a scene. That time, the irate rapper threatened to spit on cops while expressing his frustration over his detainment.

"Fuck ’em. I don't give a fuck about no jail," Boosie snapped. "I'm like that. I'll go in there and fight the police and spit on them bitches, every-fucking-body. ’Cause I'm tired, bro."

Boosie's Instagram page was taken down after video of the incident circulated online. He then wished harm upon the families of IG and Facebook execs.

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