If you haven't received your water bill, here's why. A ransomware attack on both Texarkana has left the twin Arkansas and Texas cities and Bowie County are battling what officials are describing as a major  describe as a major ransomware attack which has targeted and infected municipal computers for just over a month now. over the weekend.
On December 7, it was first reported that computers were locked and idle in municipal offices on both sides of the state line in Texarkana leaving city workers severely handicap.

Texarkana, Arkansas Mayor Allen Browngave the following statement to media outlets the earlier part of December. 

Both cities and counties, the Bowie County and Arkansas and Texas, our IT department is held in Texarkana, water utilities, we’ve had a ransom attack that’s knocked our systems down. We don’t have an internet feed.

Texarkana, Texas, and Bowie County officials are not quite sure what to call it. According to authorities, there have not been demands for money nor threats communicated about publishing personal information and data.

I spoke with the Vital Statistics representative interview over the phone, and she gave the following information.


Due to the computer system being down, there are no printed payment plans at this time. The water department encourages citizens to estimate their bill and pay on it to avoid a high bill when the problem is resolved and they return to regular billing.  Right now you can make a payment preferably by check or money order via the drive-thu, by mail or in person.  T


To obtain a birth certificate or death certificate, citizens will have to either go to Linden or Mt. Pleasant to do so. They can also order online at texas.gov to receive the long form, which are good for all requirements.

Here are contact numbers for both locations. Mt. Pleasant - 903-577-6796 Linden -903-756-5071 Forms received from these locations are good for every thing except leaving the country.

The computer problems also are not affecting 911 services, city leaders said.

The Texarkana Water Utilities Department, which provides IT services to both sides of Texarkana, is working to resolve the damage caused by the ransomware attack.

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