It may be the week of love this week, but last week, check this out; Dangerous Dogs... twice, Burglary of a vehicle, Assaulting a Peace Officer, Death Investigation, more Theft, a Missing Person, another Theft and a Residential Fire, and that was just Monday. You wonder why we back the blue? Here is your Bowie County Sheriffs Report as prepared by Chief Deputy Robby McCarver. This report is for the week of 2/7 - 2/13, 2022. 


Dogs Dangerous to Animals-County Road 4125 Simms

Burglary of a Vehicle-Maple Street Maud, taken: $320.00 in U.S. Currency, wallet containing ID and assorted debit/credit cards, 2 backpacks (blue in color), audio ear buds, 2 Lenovo Chromebooks

Assault On Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Harassment of Public Servant, Probation Violation for Assault Causing Bodily Injury)-Farm to Market Road 2148s Texarkana, arrested: Terence Ledale Peirce

Death Investigation-County Road 4315 Dekalb

Dogs Dangerous to Humans-Will Smith Road Texarkana

Theft Over $100 and Under $750-County Road 1115 Maud, taken: oxycontin

Missing Person (runaway)-South Macedonia Road Texarkana

Theft Over $30,000 and Under $150,000-Titus Road Hooks, taken: copper wiring

Residential Fire-Jeff Drive Texarkana



Death Investigation-U.S. Highway 59s Texarkana

Theft Over $750 and Under $2,500-County Road 4001 New Boston, taken: miniature schnauzer

Nuisance Complaint (junk/trash)-U.S. Highway 67w Simms

Warrant Service (Aggravated Robbery)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Malaki Scott Beckham


Attempted Prohibited Substance or Item in a Correctional Facility-West Front Street Texarkana

Theft Over $100 and Under $750-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, taken: $300 in U.S. Currency

Possession of Child Pornography-Buchanan Road Texarkana

Attempted Suicide-George Thomas Road Texarkana

Theft of Material Under $20,000-South Kings Highway Texarkana, taken: catalytic convertor

A Deputy Sheriff Badge


Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-U.S. Highway 59s Texarkana

Theft Over $100 and Under $750-County Road 4306 Dekalb, taken: 1994 camper trailer (white in color)

Warrant Service (Fail to Appear on Aggravated Robbery)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Kristyna Denefayek Rowe

Warrant Service (Theft Over $100 and Under $750)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Danny Shane Walker


Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information-Leary Road Leary

Family Disturbance-West Front Street Dekalb

Family Disturbance-Farm to Market Road 1840 Dekalb

Building Fire-Myrtle Springs Road Texarkana

Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information-Clara Lane Texarkana

Theft of Firearm-Rock School Road Texarkana, taken: Hi Point .380 caliber handgun

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle-County Road 2206 Maud, taken: 2016 Honda side-by-side ATV (blue in color)

Warrant Service (Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Brian Jamarr Martinez

Flashing blue grill lights in the grill of a marked Sheriff's patrol vehicle.


Death Investigation-Key West Road Texarkana

Theft of Firearm-County Road 4284 Simms, taken: Springfield Armory XD9 9mm handgun

Theft Over $100 and Under $750-County Road 1202 Maud, taken: electric leaf blower, machete, 5 gallons of Diesel fuel in yellow plastic can


Dogs Dangerous to Animals-Farm to Market Road 2148s Texarkana

Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-Farm to Market Road 2148n Texarkana

Vehicle Fire-Farm to Market Road 2148s @ Miller Road Texarkana

burazin, Getty Images
burazin, Getty Images


4 People Arrested by BCSO
48 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and Turned to BCSO
33/24 Civil Papers Cleared/Served by BCSO


59 Inmates Transported to Court
6 Inmates Transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
4 Inmates Transported for Medical Treatment
16 Inmates Transported for Other Reasons

85 Total Number of Persons Transported (Except Arrests by BCSO)

4,137 Total number of Miles Driven for Above Listed Transports

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