Umm… was Cardi B faking vocals during her live set at the 2019 Grammy Awards?

The rapper caused quite a ruckus on social media following her sumptuous showcase at the annual awards ceremony, where Bardi hit the stage with a sensually choreographed performance of her smash hit "Money." Despite the emcee's energetic and captivating performance, all her fans and critics could talk about was whether the artist was making use of pre-recorded verses to push through her set Sunday night (Feb. 10).

Never mind the lavish stage design or the star's outstanding leopard-print and peacock-feathered fashion statement — Twitter kept a close side-eye during Cardi's presentation.

"If Nicki would’ve got on that stage and lip sync the way Cardi just did y’all would’ve read her down to the ground. Y’all need to sit! I swear y’all never keep the same energy," one stan wrote in the "Bodak Yellow" lyricist's defense.

"Cardi B losing her own Lip Sync Battle," another user quipped. And yet there were some who, despite accusing the musician of lip-syncing badly, concluded, "Cardi can’t lip sync for s--t but i’m still jamming."

See Cardi B's 2019 Grammys set and what fans are saying on Twitter, below:

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