The 34th Annual Christmas Parade Downtown Texarkana.
Texarkana's 34th annual Christmas Parade will be in Downtown on Monday, December 3 at 7 p.m. The parade theme this year is My Favorite Christmas Memory, and as you know from previous years, this parade is huge. Front Street Plaza opens at 4 PM with  live music and arts and crafts…
5 Ways Mom Threatened Me With Santa
When I was little I swear my mamma and great grandmother had Santa on speed dial. Not only was he the giver of great gift on Christmas, but in most Black homes, he was the holiday disciplinarian as well.
These Gift Wrapping Hacks to Make Life Easier
Your Christmas shopping is almost done, or maybe not. Either way, once the shopping is done the stress doesn't stop there. No, because now you will need to wrap all those gifts. I found some great hacks to make wrapping gifts a lot easier.

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