For as much as alcohol is associated with gatherings around the holidays, you'd think it would be an odd time for a store to go all-in on booze-free drinks.

Target thinks otherwise.

Alcohol-free Drinks Added To Target Stores

According to CNN, Target has solidified a partnership with Sechey, an online seller of alcohol-free spirits and wines. The drinks will be added to nearly 450 Target stores nationwide.

This isn't just a push prior to the holidays. It sounds as though the alcohol-free spirits will be a mainstay at Target moving forward.

CNN was told by Target that the options are for customers "to enjoy as they prepare to entertain for the holiday season and beyond."

What The Demand For Booze-less Drinks Tells Us

Trends show Target and other stores are jumping into the alcohol-free and low-alcohol business at the right time.

Alcohol Free Drink trends helping Target
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According to the IWSR, a group that tracks alcohol trends and consumption, these drink options are going through a boom period.

"New IWSR data shows no/low alcohol consumption will increase by a third by 2026, spearheaded by the growth of no-alcohol products," IWSR reports.

Leading this growth is no-alcohol beer and cider.

This sudden increase isn't solely due to a rise in people quitting alcohol all together. IWSR says it is a combination of both people who drink alcohol regularly and those who abstain completely.

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"Switching between alcohol and no/low is common, both in the same occasion and between different ones," the groups says on its website.

It is estimated that 78% of no/low products also drink full-strength alcoholic drinks. IWSR reports "the largest subset (41% of no/low consumers) are classified as 'substituters,' who choose no/low products when avoiding alcohol on certain occasions.

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