The other day I was driving down the road when I noticed an Arkansas license plate that had a Z at the beginning of the combination of numbers and letters. What I am saying is if you haven't heard Arkansas is running out of its current combination of numbers and letters on license plates that's been around for decades.

In just a few months that combination will become history. This basically means that some lucky Arkansas driver will receive the last license plate with the combination 999ZZZ. Whew! At least it's not 666ZZZ, I don't think I would want it. Arkansas will then begin moving to a new combination that will be three letters, two numbers, then another letter.

These new license plate combinations will not have to be changed for at least another decade or two and should provide millions of combinations for Arkansas drivers for years to come. So, if you start seeing the letter Z turn up in Arkansas license plates, just know the end is just around the corner. That just didn't sound right! You know what I mean.

I just wonder will you get a prize for getting the last combination 999ZZZ? I think you should!

Check out this video from THV11 about the new combinations coming.

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