It's been less than a week since Cardi B announced she and her husband Offset were separating, and apparently that was all the time Chris Brown needed to throw his hat in the ring as a potential suitor for the newly single rapper.

A source close to the singer told Hollywood Life he's planning on making his move now that her husband is out of the picture.

“Chris is dying to shoot his shot with Cardi, now that she is single,” the source said. “He has always found her sexy and now that Offset is out of the way, Chris is ready to make Cardi his girl. Chris loves Cardi’s music, thinks she is gorgeous, sexy and talented but would never disrespect Offset by trying to hit on his wife. Now that the lane is clear, Chris will be liking some of Cardi’s pics, maybe leave a few comments and plans to slip into her DMs too. Chris wants to let Cardi know anyway he can that he is interested as soon as possible.”

But are things with her Migos beau totally done? If he had it his way, the answer would be no.

"F--- YALL I MISS CARDI," he tweeted on Sunday (December 9). The night before, Cardi changed the lyrics to their joint track "Motorsport" during a live set to reflect her decision on filing for divorce. Though it hasn't been confirmed, one of the factors contributing to their split was Offset's infidelity, which might be hard to reconcile.

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