Coming to America was an idea Eddie Murphy had on a yellow piece of paper that he turned into $288 million dollar box office classic!

The movie had a budget of only $35 million and Eddie Murphy made it work! Oh did he ever.... I'm sure Murphy playing the roles of half the characters in the iconic romantic film helped cut budget cost by a dollar and three.

Eddie Murphy played the following characters: Prince Akeem Joffer, the prince of Zamunda, Randy Watson, a soul singer with the band Sexual Chocolate, Saul, the Jewish barbershop customer, as well as Clarence, the hilarious owner of the barber shop.

Today, we're celebrating 30 years of laughs and the fact that Eddie Murphy led an almost all African American cast to box office gold 30 years ago.

Below, check out my 5 top favorite quotes from "Coming to America!

1. "This is beautiful! What is it VELVET?!"


3. "His mamma named him Clay. I'ma call him Clay! Mmmmhhmm..."


5. "Just let your SOOOOOOOOUL GLO"


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