The 4th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade kicked off at 11:30 AM on Monday, January 21 in Downtown Texarkana. 

The coordinator, Brandon Houff was very grateful for the community participation.

The MLK Planning Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the parade this year. Without their support and love, it would not have been the success it was.

Majic 93.3 was there in Mojo to partake in the 2-mile stretch and had an opportunity to see some of the really cool floats honoring the late great Dr. Martin Luther King. We would like to congratulate the this year's parade winners. They are...

First Place: Mt. Grove Youth Ministry

Second Place: Civil Air Patrol

Third Place:  Bridging the Gaps YLD

The Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade Committee would like to thank judges: Taryn Chambers, Antonie Pottts, and Valerie Curley for their input and help in crowning winners based on the theme, The Power Of One: One Man, One Hope, One Dream.

We hope to see even more participation and an even bigger crowd lining the streets of Downtown Texarkana in 2020.


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