The City Council of Fayetteville, Arkansas recently implemented their ban on restaurant-style take-out Styrofoam containers, coffee cups, and other Styrofoam related products. Several other states have already banned the usage of Styrofoam due to their unhealthy effects on not only people but our environment.

After doing some research, Styrofoam is not only very costly to recycle but it doesn't break down and stays in our environment for years because it is essentially non-biodegradable. Furthermore, it can easily be blown into our oceans, further polluting them and our ecosystem. So, the initiative here is of course is to "Go Green" but the big question remains, what will this do for restaurants, small businesses, and food trucks who rely heavily on keeping their cost down on products they use.

See this report from KFSM

By the way, some states have already banned the use of plastic bags but Texas and Arkansas are not on that list yet.

Could Texarkana be the next city to ban the usage of Styrofoam containers? It's not a matter of when but a matter of time.

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