You've probably heard about or better yet seen the video of the display on Tik Tok that has 14.2 million viewers shocked and stunned at how a resident's home in the suburb of Chicago, Illinois was able to make the character Max from the hit TV show "Stranger Things" appear to be levitating in front of their home.

I immediately thought of a fishing line because it is very thin but strong and can become invisible to the naked eye depending on the background. Everybody seems to be mesmerized by how this was done but it's rather simple when you think about it. I don't want to spoil how you can make Max for your own spooky Halloween yard, so if you do not want to know don't read on. Of course, if the folks in Illinois had a different way of doing it, then I will be shocked and own up to it because there are no helium balloons or drones according to a story from WHOA-TV.

Youtube, WHOA-TV

I think what makes it more baffling it's that it seems to be suspended in mid-air with no place to tie it up. Maybe, the house or a tree or bush we can't see. If you watch the video below real close you can actually see it sway just a bit, which makes me think it could fishing line.

But for now, the mystery remains.

How to Make a Levitating Max

Now, if you want to learn how to make your own floating Max check out this DIY video from Mykill Hobbies Youtube video. Could this be the mystery behind the levitating Max from  "Stranger Things" or is it just stranger things?

Nevertheless, this would definitely get the neighbors talking in your neighborhood if you decided to put one up in front of your house during the Halloween season in Texarkana.

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