With the sub-freezing temperatures on the way and a chance of winter weather in our area on Thursday, TxDOT is getting crews out to start pretreating all bridges and overpasses in the TxDot district.

Bridges and overpasses will be treated with brine starting on Wednesday, December 21. TxDot crews also plan on pretreating Interstates 30 and 20, along with US 59 in our area.


The work will continue on Thursday, as crews plan on spreading bulk salt and another aggregate on bridges so vehicles will have added traction.

The crews will then be on standby status on Thursday night just in case any of the areas need more treatments.

Woman is looking in a car through a small scratched gap in an icy windshield

Be sure to give the TxDOT vehicles space so they can spread the brine on roads. Brine consists of salt and water and it helps to prevent ice and snow from sticking to surfaces. This is a process that moves quickly and should not impact traffic. Just be sure to give the vehicles and the TxDOT workers plenty of space and distance from your vehicle.

TxDOT is working with the National Weather Service to keep up to date on any possible winter weather conditions.

You can go to  driveTexas.org or call (800) 452-9292 for updates on highway conditions.

The Atlanta District includes Bowie, Cass, Camp, Harrison, Marion, Morris, Panola, Titus and Upshur Counties.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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