DaBaby is getting clowned on social media for offering a BOGO deal on tickets to his upcoming show.

This afternoon (Nov. 7), DaBaby began trending on Twitter after info had surfaced that he was selling buy-one-get-one-free tickets to his Nov. 15 show at Iron City in Birmingham, Ala. According to the venue's website, it "has a 1,300 standing capacity."

The Eventbrite listing for the concert features a ticket for the BOGO deal that costs $22 plus a $5.92 fee.

The description reads: "Sales end on Nov 14, 2022. Buy one get one. All tickets are non-refundable. Standing room only."

Many Twitter users have been reacting to the ticket offer.

"DaBaby selling his tickets BOGO has got to be the saddest shit ever for a rapper," one person wrote. "And it’s crazy cause nobody else hurt his career more than he did. Talk about self sabotage, a lack of situational awareness, and ego."

Another user had a theory on his falloff: "DaBaby's downfall makes me realize something. If the music is GOOD you will continued to be supported regardless of the abuse, misogyny, anti-LGBT bigotry, etc. DaBaby's music must NOT be good because he is struggling to sell tickets."

"DaBaby having to sell concert tickets like Shoe Carnival does shoes is something I never saw coming," another user reacted.

This news comes after DaBaby had a separate unfortunate ticket story, which surfaced this past August when initial details alleged that the "Rockstar" rapper had canceled a New Orleans concert due to low ticket sales.

The CEO of DaBaby's booking agency eventually released a statement claiming that the show was actually canceled due to a contract violation. "DaBaby’s New Orleans show was pulled by the artist’s team due to the promoter being in breach of contract," MAC Agency founder Andrew Lieber reportedly explained. "DaBaby will be back in New Orleans very soon to make it up to his fans."

Looks like DaBaby fans are getting a good deal for this upcoming concert.

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