We know there are some dumb laws that are still out there, but this Texarkana Law has me scratching my head.

There are silly and stupid laws still on the books in Texas and Arkansas that have you wondering what the h@#!?

Did you know in Texas it is illegal to sell your eyeball? Yes, your eyeball.

Woman's eye
Olga Ekaterincheva

It is also illegal to milk your neighbor's cow? Yeah, stay away from the cow.

Milking of a cow

There is a law that criminals have to give you 24 hours' notice if they are going to commit a crime against you. This is beyond dumb.

Criminal wearing black balaclava and hoodie in the dark

In Houston, it is illegal to sell Limburger Cheese on Sunday. Limburger cheese, ok I am pretty sure I have not ever had Limburger cheese, but how do you even police this?

Cheese wheel

But this law in effect for Texarkana is just crazy. According to the Austin American Statesman:

Supposedly, owners of horses may not ride them at night without tail lights properly placed behind them in Texarkana.

Portrait of black yawning horse

So if you ride your horse at night it needs tail lights. I get that we want to be safe, but wouldn't it be just a good use of common sense to not ride your horse at night? I could only imagine coming up on a horse at night on the side of the road and seeing it with tail lights. I would think it would be a car except for the weird way the lights would look bouncing around on the rear of the horse.

If you are curious there are other weird laws in Texas and silly Arkansas laws that you can read.


Do you think this law should still be on the books? Is it really necessary? Let us know in the comments.

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