Doctor Who Season 10 is already building to the major departures of star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat, and it seems we’re adding one more to the list. Missy may be missing in action after this season, as Michelle Gomez reveals her likely exit as well.

Further presaging a clean sweep of the current Doctor Who crew, Gomez tells the UK’s RadioTimes that her gender-swapped Master will depart the series after Season 10 as well:

My pals are going so I’m going. Everybody’s leaving, so I’m going too. I mean, what would I do without Peter and Steven? Who would I be? Nah, it’s done now. It’s over. It’s the end of a chapter.

The character first appeared in 2014, and was slowly revealed as a gender-swapped version of iconic Time Lord villain The Master. Gomez has been present in every season since, and will even meet one of her old forms with John Simm’s return, though it remains to be seen if the character will undergo an additional regeneration. Says Gomez of leaving the role:

[I’ll miss] the fact that it was probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The fact that I’m a woman of a certain age who’s this ass-kicking action figure … I won’t miss the corset because that was agony, and I’m a woman that likes a big lunch. And that’s not fun to wear after you’ve had two helpings and dessert.

In any case, seven episodes remain in Season 10, with Missy already confirmed to take part in July’s two-part finale, so stay tuned for the latest. Will we miss Missy?

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