Did you buy a hot glue gun from Dollar Tree in Texarkana? If so these hot glue guns are being recalled for being a fire hazard.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday announced the recall of over 1 million hot glue guns. This is what the Consumer Product Safety Commission had to say about the recall:

The hot glue guns were sold nationwide at Dollar Tree from August 2020 through February 2022 and at Family Dollar stores nationwide January-February 2022 for about $1.The CPSC said consumers should immediately unplug and stop the Crafter’s Square Glue Gun and return it to any Dollar Tree or Family Dollar store for a full refund.

Hot glue guns are already a little dangerous since they rely on all that heat to melt the glue sticks. Dollar Tree had reports of several of these glue guns malfunctioning. Thes issues ranged from electrical malfunction, to fire and even one case of skin irritation.

So take a minute and see if you have one of these glue guns in your home and take it back to one of the Dollar Trees in Texarkana for a full refund. There are 4 locations of Dollar Tree in Texarkana.

1. 2700 Richmond Rd, Texarkana, TX
2. 3922 Summerhill Rd, Texarkana, TX
3. 4710 W 7th St, Wake Village, TX
4. 410 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR

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