It's been a minute since Jamie Foxx graced us on the TV scene, but he's back! Not only is he back, he's back with his oldest daughter in a new Netflix series called, "DAD, STOP EMBARRASSING ME!"

Jamie Foxx's oldest daughter, Corrine Foxx is a producer of the series, and apparently she's playing no games according to her dad. Jamie told Essence:

“People gotta understand she’s not just a figurehead, I mean she’s really running it.  He added...I’m on the stage doing some joke and I think it’s funny. She called down to the stage, ‘What is that? That ain’t funny. You trying to get canceled?’ Are you trying to get canceled?’ I said, ‘Wow, it’s like that?’ She was like, ‘Yes, like that. Let’s get it.’ So she’s been very instrumental in making the show what it was.”

I think it's pretty cool that a star on the level of Jamie Foxx is ushering his daughter on into the entertainment world. It looks as though she's handling it well.  Congratulations to them both. Check out the trailer below...

Available now on Netflix.

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