LaMarcus Smith, the subject of an Amber Alert yesterday morning speaks and out according to Henderson Police will not be charged with the abduction of 2-year-old Ariel Smith.
For nearly 24 hours LaMarcus Smith's name and face were plastered across television and computer screens across the nation as he was the subject of an Amber Alert many of us woke up to on Wednesday morning. According to our sources at CBS 19, Ariel Smith was brought safely to the Henderson Police station by her father and his family Wednesday morning after being reported missing 12 hours earlier.

In the statement, released on the Henderson Police Department Facebook page, authorities said that it was determined that no charges would be filed against Smith. Lt. Bathke said,

  "Just shortly ago, the child was brought here to the police department completely safe and sound. Initially, every call is valid. You have to treat them with the upmost validity."

Smith's family who came with him to turn himself in at the police department spoke out about clearing his name. Smith's brother, Recordo Smith told authorities the entire situation was a big misunderstanding.

"My brother was having problems with his baby's mother. She called and said that my brother had kidnapped  the baby, which was false accusations, because my brother has had the baby since childbirth."

Due to the turn of events, several agencies including the District Attorney's Office and Child Protective Services have joined the investigation. Ariel has been placed in temporary custody with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.


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