Yesterday a rumor started circling the interwebs alleging that George Clooney was trying to get with Eva Longoria even before he split from now ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler.

The story is a celeb-watcher's dream, but alas, it's untrue. At least according to Longoria herself.

The whispers began when Us Weekly ran a piece alleging that Eva and George happened to be working in Germany at the same time when Clooney tried to add her to his long list of conquests.

Said source asserts the pair "did not hook up," but that George did state his intentions to leave Keibler and get together with Longoria -- who would not entertain his advances "until he was completely single." And supposedly, the only reason George and Eva are not Hollywood's hottest new couple now is because she found love with bankrupt 'Ready for Love' star Ernesto Arguello instead.

But aside from Eva's new relationship (which she recently confirmed), the tale is apparently pure fabrication.

Sad trombone.

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