The heat is getting a little ridiculous around our area. Not only stupid heat, but dangerous heat.

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning in effect for the daytime hours this weekend due to the extremely hot and humid conditions across the region.

Actual air temperatures are expected around 105 Friday and Saturday, with Heat Index Values as high as 113. Heat Index Values are the combination of the temperature and humidity combined to make it feel that hot.

Also, remember these temperatures are in the shade its even hotter in the direct sunlight. This makes it a dangerous situation for people who have to work outside in this kind of weather.

You are advised to wear light colored light clothing, take numerous breaks in the shade or inside if possible. Also, be sure and drink ample water to keep from dehydrating, and possible suffering heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke.

Don't forget to check on family, friends, and neighbors, if they suffer from health issues or may be elderly, to make sure their homes are being cooled.

Another reminder would be to make sure that outdoor pets have access to shade and cool water to drink.

Absolutely leave no one, whether it be a person or a pet inside a vehicle. Temperatures inside a vehicle in temperatures like this can exceed 170 degrees in a matter of a few minutes.

Hopefully the heat will relax a little bit next week with temperatures still hot in the mid to upper 90's.

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