The sweltering heat continues to affect most of the country including the Texarkana area.

With extremely hot temperatures, low humidity, high winds, and no rain expected all of these conditions can lead up to a risk of fire danger.

Red Flag Warning

With that being said, The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the immediate area until further notice.
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With the lack of rain, vegetation is at an all-time low during this drought, a burn ban remains in effect for Bowie County until further notice.
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The National Weather Service reminds citizens of the following.
  • Do not toss lit cigarettes on the ground
  • Do not drag tow chains on the ground
  • Do not park or drive over tall grass
  • Do not use wood-fueled fire pits
All of these conditions could spark a fire and fires can spread quickly depending on wind conditions. The NWS says you can avoid these problems by keeping water nearby or a fire extinguisher on hand if you are working outside and doing work that could cause a spark.
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If a fire gets out of hand you are urged to call 911 immediately.

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