"Whoooo let the dogs out"? The Miami Heat is letting the dogs out this season. But not just your average dogs... Coronavirus sniffing dogs.

Amid COVID-19, the Heat will allow a maximum of 2,000 fans to attend games beginning Thursday, January 28 when the Heat take on the Clippers. Those 2K or less fans' Coronavirus fate will be in the hands of dogs trained to sniff out the virus.

How does this work? I'm sooo glad you asked. Ok so check this out... According to ESPN, after arriving at the game, Heat fans will be brought to a screening area and the detection dogs will walk past. If the dog keeps going, the fan is cleared and will get to proceed to the game. If the dog sits, that's a sign it detects the virus and the fan will be denied entry.

This brings about a whole new meaning to "ya gotta get passed the dog first". I am a dog lover, and I'll be honest, I would probably end up playing with the dog and rubbing it's belly or something. No doubt it would take a seat and let me love on him and there's goes my seat at the game. LOL

Monday is the first day that season-ticket holders will be able to start securing their seats.

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