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Keeta King's Pearls Of WIsdom
One of my distant mentors, Leadership guru and author, John C. Maxwell always says, "Don’t wait til you know something’s gonna be be big to do it… Just do it!"
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
A lot of people don’t want to be a part of the process, but sure want to be a part of the outcome. The process is where you figure out who’s worth being a part of the outcome.
Keeta Kings Pearls Of Wisdom
Let your success speak for you.  You don’t have to respond to everybody. There are some fights in life that don’t require you to swing. So stop windmilling and FIGHT SMARTER, NOT HARDER!
Live Blues Concert At Hopkins Friday Night
Looking for something to do tomorrow (Friday) night? Go downtown to Hopkins Icehouse and enjoy some blues from Texarkana native and guitarist, Mark Searcy Middleton.
Searcy, who is based in San Antonio, will return to Texarkana for his Tour de Razorback concert that will kick off tomorrow...
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
I was listening to a motivational speech this morning by Lisa Nichols, and she said something so key. She said, "Some of your best motivation does not come wrapped in a red bow, it comes wrapped in sandpaper. Use every thing as fuel."
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
Today would’ve been the 56th birthdays of one of the greatest, and in my opinion THE GREATEST voices on earth…. Whitney Houston. It’s hard to talk about her birthday without remembering her death…. That one went hard on me. I look for a LESSON in everything… and  if there was one thing I can say I l…
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
I don’t care how tall you are… short you are… big you are… I don’t care what your IQ is nor what your skin color may be… God created everything He created to be successful. You will never see a bird that can not fly or a fish that can not s…
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
Remember... you'll learn more from your failures than you ever will from your successes. I know I've learned tremendously from mine. I've learned a great deal from the "Ouch! That hurt!" Babies learn how to walk by falling down... trippin' and stumbling...

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