I get asked almost on a daily basis, what it's like to have sister locs. So, chile... let me tell you.

The term sister locs is often used interchangeably with the term dread locs. Well, first things first... there's nothing "dreadful" about locs. So, going forward, we'll just refer to them as "locs" :) As for "sister locs," what makes them different from regular locs is the grid. In other words, the parting technique. Often small or micro locs are considered sister locs. But if you pay attention to the grid, it's extremely precise.

I began my sister loc journey in November of 2020. I'm almost 8 months in at this point.

Is it expensive?

To be honest....It was close to $1K to start the process. I know it sounds like a lot.... but the work is very tedious and long. I have 510 locs in my head, and that takes a lot of time and re

What is the time commitment?

There really is no  "upkeep... other than, of course, the retie. Checkout this first "retie" below...


Does it hurt?

I'm very "tender-headed," so yes, it hurt me. However, if you don't have what's known in the black community as a "tender head," then you will be ok. If needed, take some pain reliever for the soreness.

How does it benefit your hair?

OK so... I chose to lock my hair because the women on my maternal side of the family begin experiencing hair thinning around their mid 40s/early 50s. Well here's the thing... Knowledge is POWER! And my power is in my LOCS. With locs, you really never lose your hair.  Shedded hair goes into the loc, forms a "knot" and they "swell". (something beautiful to behold) You look up some time later, and EVERYTHING that's been "lost" is found & loc'd in.

How do you care for your locs?

The biggest responsibility is the retie and the washing. The retie (for 500 plus locs) is about a 6 to 7 plus hour process, & that's based solely on my experience. Extending your retie beyond the recommended day to come in and get "re-locked" is more work on your loctician! Do know that regardless of how many locs you have, each and every one has to be touched & cared for.  This is not for the faint at heart.

Washing Your Locs...

TBH washing locs is way less stressful than washing regular hair.... That conditioning process is you can OMIT! Basically, you use WATER based shampoo or cowash to cleanse your scalp.  As for the shaft of you hair... Hold my mule and stand by....

BEFORE you wash your locs, please.... please... please make sure you band the ends. Just check out the video below....


How long did your hair take to lock?

Let me first say... "Trust the process". You're gonna need patience, "Be still & know....."My hair is still locking.

I hope this video has helped you guys out with any questions you may have regarding sister locs... the dos... the donts... the WTH did I get into!? lol

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