It's been a hot summer, so what are the chances of us having a cold winter? Will we see snow? If so how much? Or will it be warmer than normal? No need to wait because now we know or at least have an idea of what our winter will be like thanks to the Farmers Almanac.

Farmers' Almanac Has Been Accurate Over the Past Few Years

The Farmer's Almanac just came out with its 2022-2023 winter forecast. If you've noticed over the years they are usually highly accurate. If you remember last year they predicted a Flip Flop Winter for most of the country and well that's what we got.

Back in 2020-2021 the forecast was “Winter of the Great Divide,” they called for;

cold and snowy conditions in the north,  drought in the west, and everything crazy in between.

And we did see "Crazy".

Farmers' Almanac Winter Prediction 2022-2023

This year they are calling it 'Shake, Shiver and Shovel' with temperatures in some states at below 40 degrees below zero.

Here's What We Found Out

Temperature Gauge in the Snow
Jonathan Larsen

We won't have to worry about below-zero temperatures this year like we did a couple of years ago. That's a good thing.

school bus in snow
Roger Mcclean

Looking at the prediction for the central northern states above us it looks like they are the ones that will have a bad winter or as the Farmers Almanac says 'Hybration Zone and Glacier Snow Fall'.

What will Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma See For Winter Weather?

Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media
Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media

In our area of Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma the Farmers Almanac is predicting;

Chilly temperatures so get the flannel shirts out and buy plenty of hot chocolate. As for snow? The Farmers Almanac is predicting 'normal precipitation'. We can all guess on that one since in our area nothing has been 'Normal' for a few years. But maybe that means we will get back to a few snow days? So, maybe, could it be that we just might have the perfect winter this year? Chilly Temperatures and maybe some snow sprinkled in?  Now that would be a perfect winter.

You can see the Farmers Almanac 2022-2023 Winter Map Here

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