So these fast food restaurant beefs are real. PERIODT!  Wendy’s is scheduled to launch their new breakfast food items tomorrow, March 2nd, and ironically, McDonald’s will be giving out free Egg McMuffin sandwiches, as they have officially declared that day “National Egg McMuffin Day.”

 According to CNN Business, McDonald’s said in a press release they intend on celebrating the “best” fast food breakfast sandwich turning 50 this year. Ironically their celebration falls on the same exact day that Wendy’s launches their new breakfast menu nationwide.
McDonald’s will be offering the free Egg McMuffin’s on Monday from 6:00 am to 10:30 am local time, however, in order to get the free breakfast sandwich, customers would have to order it through their McDonald’s app. This is one method the company is using to make sure their app is successful as they offer their customers certain promotions.

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