Every day we wake up, we have the option to choose the thoughts we’ll entertain. We can intentionally choose to find the good or we can settle for the bad. The negative will always stand out, so choosing good has to be intentional. Choosing one thought over the other ain’t deep, but it does requires mental toughness and discipline. Because as you know, the mind is a great servant, but a horrible master. And as I always say…. What you look at longest becomes strongest because that’s the vibe/energy you’re feeding. And anything you feed gets bigger. So, why not CHOOSE to feed the good thoughts if you can find even one, because that'll set the course of your day on a positive frequency.

At the end of the day and like Denzell Washington once said,

“We’re all given 86,400 seconds every day. DON'T let a negative 60 seconds ruin the remaining 86,340”.

CHOOSE to think good! Energy flows where attention goes.

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