You have to teach people how to treat you and the first class is “How YOU TREAT YOU 101”!

If you don’t respect you, how can you expect anybody else to? People will watch how you treat yourself and treat you accordingly.  If they see you settling for less than you deserve, they will give you less than you deserve.  If people don't see you taking your dreams and aspirations seriously, they won't deem them important either.

And lastly, non of us came into this world with an instruction manual. So, if someone is treating you in a manner you don't like, you can’t be mad at them when you continue to allow it to take place. Remember... SILENCE IS CONSENT. Whether you like it or not, you not saying anything speaks just as loudly as you actually saying something. And what it screams loudly and clearly to the other person is, "This is ok!".

Make a decision today to treat yourself with the utmost respect, and no longer be passive about the respect you expect from others. Put on your Pearls of Wisdom and WIN THE DAY!

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