A problem/challenge is an evolutionary catalyst... Meaning it's meant to catapult you a highest version of you. A problem only does for you what you won't willingly do for yourself. It forces you to grow. If we didn't go through trials, tribulations, and challenging moments, many of us would never grow.... because we don't want to wrestle with ourselves. Whatever you're going through right now is a breeding ground for developing you into who you need to be for where you say you want to go!

Trust me you don't wanna get to the next level with the same mindset... same attitude... same nature. As I said earlier this week... an acorn can't be an acorn and an oak tree at the same time. It pushes through what it has to to reach it's highest potential as a tall deeply rooted oak. Push BEYOND your ego and know that nothing you go through in life will be wasted.


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