LIFE IS NEVER FREE OF THE BATTLE BETWEEN FAITH AND FEAR. Make sure you're feeding the right beast.Both will ALWAYS be present with you. However, when they arise within, you have to choose which you will feed. Anything you feed gets bigger and will ultimately dominate.  We can't expect fear to simply disappear. So you have to starve it to death. Don't give your fears any of your time and energy. Ask yourself today "Which emotion am I feeding?" Because at the end of the day what you look at longst will always become strongest.

Here's a poem someone once wrote. It was so good that I had to commit it to memory.  I hope it blesses you as it did me.

Two natures beat within my breast,

The one is foul, the other blessed.

'The one I love, the other I hate;

The one I feed will dominate.

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