Days after Future released his new album, High Off Life, the rapper claims he's responsible for discovering the formula to crossover from trap music into the pop realm.

During an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio on Friday (May 15), the Atlanta native asserted that he found the recipe to successfully transition from trap to pop, which would allow rappers to see much more revenue than they had in past years.

"I found the glitch to the matrix, I found the recipe," Hendrix began. "Once you find the recipe, then you got...then it's just like tryna find the cure for corona[virus]. Like, I found the got damn, the cure to makin’ this shit go pop—trap shit going pop. Like, whatever you doing, it's gon’ pop. Like, you could be yoself and it's gon’ pop. Like, you could cross over too. You could get the same money as a pop star by being yoself. You don't even have to do no corny ass shit. You just be yoself and you get pop star money."

Future then questioned why rappers aren't getting paid as much as pop stars for their shows and concerts.

"At the end of the day it's about, man, what these checks talkin’ ’bout?," he continued. "Why we not getting this much money for these shows? We need to get a million dollars for a show."

When asked by Lowe if he has been paid a million dollars for a show, the High Off Life rapper replied, "Of course. I told you I found the cure for this shit. I got the recipe. I was the one who did that."

Although it is unclear exactly how much the "Accepting My Flaws" rhymer brings home from a show, he has certainly embarked on a number of tours over the years including the Summer Sixteen tour with Drake back in 2016, the Nobody Safe tour in 2017 and the Legendary Nights tour with Meek Mill last year.

Check out Future discussing how he found the recipe to shift over into popular culture from trap music below.

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