The Bowie County Master Gardeners/Texas A&M-Texarkana will present a program on “Growing Cool Season Crops” on Monday, September 10.

The program will be presented at Texas A&M University from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. The class is free and open to the public. The class will take place in the Science and Technology Building, Room 306. No reservation is required to attend.

The Program will be presented by James Lamb who is a current Arkansas Master Gardener. James is also a Plant Pathology Technician at the University of Arkansas Agricultural Experimental Station in Hope, Arkansas.

James will be sharing how the cool season of fall and even the frosts of winter can still reap plentiful harvests in the vegetable garden if you choose your crops wisely.

Knowing what to grow, when to plant the seeds, along with a few tricks, will help ensure your spring vegetables and crops thrive. When you look at the list of all you’re able to grow during the fall season, it’s a wonder why everyone doesn’t have a fall garden!

For more information, call Emily Newsome at Texas A&M at 903.223.3039 or Teresa Slack at 903.831.7494.


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