Effective today, May 18, 2020, gyms and exercise facilities have reopened with 25% capacity. Many are debating whether to return or wait...So whether you agree with the reopening of these facilities or feel it's a little premature, you can appreciate the measures taken by some of our local gyms to keep members safe.  As a member of Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express, I had to swing by on day 1 of reopening to see what safety precautions were being taken.

Gotta say, I was impressed by the social distancing tactics the Plex is taking to make sure members are at least 6 ft apart. I talked with trainer, Billy Creutz, about the gym's new normal and plans to carry out the 6-ft social distancing executive orders set by Governor Abbott. He shared....

What we're seeing is that people are initially  being cautious and really respecting what our intent is here.

We have the equipment set up to allow 6-ft distancing. We have refillable hand sanitizer in every corner and a cleaning solution that we monitor and refill on a routine basis. Plus a cleaning crew that sweeps often.

Equipment that's off limits is taped off with colorful crape paper with a sign that reads, "For your health and safety and health, this station is closed."

I also found out that when trainers are doing one-on-one training sessions, the Plex is requiring both the trainer and trainee wear a masks and gloves.

I really like what Sportsplex by HealthCARE Express is doing. As for me.... I'm not so sure I'm ready to run back into the gym. (As if I ever ran to to begin with) lol

Initial gym and exercise facility restrictions issued by Governor Abbott include: showers and locker rooms remaining closed, requirements for customers to wear gloves covering their whole hand, and the disinfection of all equipment after each use. In addition, any equipment bought must be sanitized before and after use.

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