At 52-years-old, we think it's pretty safe to say Janet Jackson is definitely in control. The happy mommy has torn up stages across the world for decades and is now back to business touring again after joining motherhood. As an African American woman, I look up to Janet as an iconic entertainer and artists, an over comer, iconic entertainer and artists and now a brave new mom. Sis taught us in the '80s that it was ok and healthy to take complete Control of your life. Then she gave us the courage to tell homeboy Let's Wait A While, but when the time was right, we can get it on Any Time, Any Place

Janet Jackson is one of those timeless artists you can never count out. She continued throughout the years reinventing herself as with hits like That's the Way Love Goes and I Get So Lonely. Although her first introduction to entertainment was via TV as Penny on Good Times, she broke straight through the shadows of her brothers when she linked up with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and took the music industry by storm with the 1986 hit, Control.

Today Ms. Jackson is a fearless mother of a one-year-old and is headed to a couple of spots near you this summer. On July 8, she will headline at Essence Festival 2018 in New Orleans and on July 11, she will be in Austin, TX at Austin 360 Amphitheater. To be 52 years old and still doing everything you did at age 22.... #GOALS.

Below, check out my top 5 Janet Jackson best dance videos of all times.

1. Pleasure Principle

2. Rhythm Nation

3. Miss You Much

4. Control

5. I Get So Lonely




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